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Friday, February 28, 2003

The First Three Habits of Effective Blogging - Going Beyond Fun

In this Shelley Power's post and comments, people are dissing metablogging. In fact, Karl Martino, a big fan of the Seven Habits commented:

Most meta-blogging is reactionary and not proactive. Like you said... Dan would post something and -then- I would comment. Reactionary, not proactive.

I guess you could ask the same question about life. Should we try to understand what life is about and where we are heading or should we just live. I think Covey and all those interested in the social sciences suggest that we should constantly think, write and converse about life. A life by design is better than a life by default.

Thinking about life is proactive, and is at the heart of the Seven Habits. Why is thinking and talking and blogging any different? Blogging for fun, like living for fun, misses out on greater opportunities. Try to come up with one primary reason for why you blog. It may be difficult. It may be uncomfortable. But, it may be worthwhile.

The first three habits suggest that we should take control of our lives (to the extent possible), define our direction, and then make sure that we are doing the things that head us in that direction. If blogging is a part of your life, why should it be any different.

I commented earlier in this series, that Glenn Reynolds often says that he blogs for fun. I wonder. Would you describe this post, suggesting that people donate blood, fun. We complain about the media and government and their abuse of their powers, but when we are given some power, via our blogs, what do we do with it - have some fun? Fun is great and the Entertainment Industry tells us that the only thing in life is fun. But with major war(s) looming on the horizon and a host of other social problems, might we consider going beyond our self-centered fun?

Fun is all about me. Go beyond it. Get into pleasure. The pleasure of loving, caring and giving. The pleasure of meaning and purpose. The pleasure of creation. The pleasure of connecting to the infinite. The pleasure of meaningful blogging.

Next week we will look at the next 3 habits, those of interpersonal relationships and how they apply to blogging. Have a fun, I mean pleasurable, weekend.