Keep Trying

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Not to Be Confused With a Blog Entry

I am still not blogging. This is not a blog entry. Don't be fooled.

But I can still have a blogroll, even if I'm not blogging. Phil Ringnalda had rescued mine from the archives of "Google the Good". I would link to Phil, but then this would look too much like a blog entry. So until I decide to start blogging again, I can't link. But I can offer thanks - Thank You Phil.

In some ways it is harder to restart blogging than to start blogging. Especially if you have used up a lot of your Emotional Bank Account and have been de-blogrolled for inactivity and other less benign reasons. Is there a place on Technorati or the Blogging Ecosystem for blogrolls you were removed from? Is there an unstated law of de-blogrolling reciprocity? Doing any of the blogging books discuss this? Where are the blogging authorities when you need them? The questions are always better than the answers!

Maybe I'll start blogging under a different name. How about Sandy Mikers? Let me check it out on Google and see if I could become the number one Sandy Mikers. That would be really something.