Keep Trying

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers - A Look At Habits

Before finishing off this series with Habit 7, I would like to examine habits themselves.

Covey defines a habit as the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire.
Knowledge is the what to do.
Skill is the how to do.
Desire is the want to do.

Most of us think of habits as a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior. Covey is looking at a different aspect of habits and it is possible that this approach lead him to ignore the tools needed for the acquisition of good habits. We can have the knowledge, skill and desire and still not be successful in internalizing these habits.

Some keys to creating new habits are focus, repetition and patience. It is very difficult to change any character trait so we should try to focus on one at a time. We have become a highly distracted society, and focus is difficult - but it is achievable.

We then have to repeat the behavior or thought pattern again and again. Give it time. Although we want everything at broadband speeds, acquiring even a minor habit takes a minimum of 30 days. Be patient and keep trying and realize that change often occurs gradually and the habit will become more ingrained as time goes on.

For bloggers an appropriate habit to focus on is Habit 4 - Seeking First to Understand. Whenever we blog an opposing opinion, we should try hard to understand where the person is come from and examine if we are truly understanding the opinion expressed. When we fail to do this we end up talking past each other - a common blogging phenomena. We have to continuously do this every time we blog and even if we fail on occasion, we must keep our determination.

Tomorrow we will wrap it up with Habit 7.