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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Eliminating Bias - Is it Possible?

Shelley Powers has an interesting post in which she wrote a letter to her local radio station requesting unbiased coverage of the war.

In Andrew Sullivan's post today he complains about the propaganda organs against this war, who will fight hard to weaken American resolve.

I think many people agree there is bias in news coverage. Which way the media bias slants overall is an ungoing public debate.

What would unbiased coverage look like anyway? Is it a matter of just presenting the facts? But even the facts are often based on estimates and perceptions.

Do we think we ourselves are totally unbiased? Or are we asking others to suppress their biases when they report the news?

Personally, I have never read anything anywhere that did not portray some bias. That does not mean we shouldn't complain about the biases we see, or at least the biases we disagree with. Perhaps the place we can have the most impact is discovering the biases in ourselves so at least we can personally work towards discovering the truth.