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Friday, March 21, 2003

Life or Death - Choose Life

Doc posted an interesting piece the other day in which he discusses warblogging and peaceblogging.

Some questions come out from that entry:
1) Is war ever justified?
2) Was war justified in WWII or should we have let the Germans continue with their plans? Would that have been peace?
3) Is a peace with lots of death and oppression of citizens better than a war which would result in less deaths and freedom?

The discussion/debate about whether war was the right response in the case of Iraq, is much different than whether war is ever the proper response. It seems that quite a few of the "peacebloggers", would have backed a UN sponsored war.

Just like a doctor sometimes has to remove a part of the body to save a life, sometimes war is necessary to save the greatest amount of lives. It sounds like a paradox, but maybe it deserves some thought.

Any other thoughts are welcome.

Update: Doc responded

Doc said:
As long as we believe the lesser evil of war is the only way to eliminate the greater evils of oppression, genocide, mass cruelty and threats of mass destruction, we will continue to have all those things.

I don't think anyone would say that war is the only way. But unfortunately we sometimes have to turn to it - ie WW II. It is certainly a reasonable discussion whether it is necessary in our current environment.

Doc said:
Lewis Mumford found in war an expression of our ancient yet persistent urge to human sacrifice. He also said "the balance of mechanized power seems to have fallen on the side of destruction". I believe both statements rause unwelcome about my country's obsession with military technology and world domination, however benevolent our conscious intentions may be.

I also believe this obsession will appear increasingly sick and anachonistic, regardless of whatever relative evils it reduces, as the world's civilization matures.

I don't think I would agree with Lewis Mumford on his views on man's need for human sacrifice.

I don't think our country is obsessed with world domination or military technology although some people are probably obsessed with both of them. So I would agree that if the obsession did in fact exist in wide measure, it would be sick and anachonistic.

I am hoping civilization will mature, but I don't think choosing death is the wise choice until that maturity occurs. Although I strongly agree that war is a measure of last resort.