Keep Trying

Monday, April 07, 2003

Baseball Blogging

We're expecting between 3 and 8 inches of snow today. The Yankees home opener has been postponed till tomorrow. I'm more of a Met fan than a Yankee fee, but I still like to see the Yankees win.

My eight year son has his first Little League game on late Wednesday afternoon. All of the coaches from our congregation stress having fun over winning. In the younger leagues it is all dependent on the pitching - lots of walks and strike outs. I remember going to some games last year and seeing pain on the parents faces when their kids struck out. I am working on managing expectations and stressing to him that that this is his first year, he has never played, he is in third grade and many of the other boys are in fourth grade, the best baseball players in the world only get on base 3 times out of 10, etc. G-d willing he will have fun, make some new friends and learn how to play the game.