Keep Trying

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Being Effective

I received a permission to publish email from Andy in regard to some thoughts on 7 Habits of Effective Bloggers. Andy questioned whether it is more effective to just pump out our own opinions and make our mark on the world or to check and react to what others are saying.

I think this gets to the question of what does it means to be effective. If we don't have goals, how can we judge effectiveness?. What are reasonable goals of blogging? And are all goals equal? Are there any guiding principals?

I think that the current wisdom in the blogoshere is that there are no guiding principals. If you want to rant and rage - go ahead. Try to make a better world - more power to you. Feed your ego - why not. Whatever you want - go for it.

I think that without some guiding principals, blogging will also be deficient, at least in regard to political discourse. Are we trying to reach consensus, find truth, prove ourselves right, prove the other person wrong. Without some principals the questions of effectiveness are moot.

On a different note, I was very happy to see many blogging entries recently where people explicitly said that it made no sense for the US to pull out of Iraq at this point. It was heartening to discover that many are seeing the discussion as not just one of peace or war - but of life and death, of freedom and oppression.