Keep Trying

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Faith Restored

Just saw this on Doc's blog:

A reader points here and asks, you really believe the best thing for the World would be for the US to pull out now and leave one of the cruelest dictorships in modern times at the helm in Iraq, with all the cruel and innocent deaths that would follow in the wake of such a move.

Doc Answers:

No, I don't. Now that we're in there, I want us to finish with minimal loss of life on all sides. I hope we take out Saddam Hussein's regime and return the country to its oppressed people. Then I hope we go home.

Thanks Doc. I now understand your peaceblog position a little better.

If anyone has seen a credible discussion of why it would be better to pull out now and leave the Hussein Dictatorship at the helm, please email me. Thanks.