Keep Trying

Monday, April 14, 2003

Increase the Positive

A simple prescription for life is increase the positive and decrease the negative.

On the global level this takes the form of eliminating killing and oppression and increasing prosperity and freedom. How proactive a country should be in pursuing these goals is at the heart of the current political debate.

On a personal level we might strive to do more giving and less taking. The challenge here, is that if we are honest we will see that we are at the center of our personal universes. There is no getting around that. We have to work hard on overcoming the self-centeredness that is at the core of our being. Some level of belief in G-d helps in that quest, but the challenges are still enormous.

When we look at the people around us, if we focus on the positive we are lead towards friendship and love, when we focus on the negative we are on the path towards contempt and hate. There are situations where it might be appropriate to focus on the negative, but they are the exceptions.

I am struck by the fact that much of the blogging world is focused on the negative. Perhaps a rant is more enjoyable than a love story. Maybe it is because the negatives stick out more than the positives. Or maybe the negative we see in others is a reflection on ourselves which makes us uncomfortable and strike out.

In any case, it might make sense to try and have a positive blogging day.