Keep Trying

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Social Software

I had a wonderful break. Lots of great time with friends and family. Have you ever noticed that in the real world, nobody cares much about blogging?

David Weinberger posted a nice write up on Clay Shirky's Keynote at Etech about Social Software. Read the whole post, but here is a quick quote:

Old social software has been architectural: build a place where people can meet. Now we're moving to a ship-building model: Build a place where people can go somewhere together.

Of course the first question is "Where are we going?". It would seem reasonable to keep the end in mind. If the goal is defined, like deepening our understanding of Star Trek or Application Servers, then we might be successful. But if our goals are more ambiguous, like improving the world, enhancing our self-worth or having a good time it will be more difficult to judge the effectiveness of the Brave New Software. But it will certainly be interesting to watch.