Keep Trying

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Tech Blogging

I am intent on pursuing a more rounded blog-diet, so I need to do some more tech blogging. For political blogging you don't need many credentials, just an opinion. It would help for it to be informed unbiased opinion, but we know the problems with that.

For tech-blogging you would think you need more background, but due to the politicization of the tech world, less facts are needed.
Just chose your side...
Linux or Windows
Browser Interface or Desktop GUI
Object Oriented or Database Centric
Scripting or Strongly Typed
LAMP or J2EE or .NET
Web Services Optimist or Pessimist
... and make your point

The biggest problem is that the tech world is not that exciting any more. I just can't get myself worked up over an Outlook, Lotus Notes or Blogger replacement. And getting systems to talk via XML is turning into a bigger challenge then getting bloggers to talk over politics. And could someone please tell me the exact problem RSS is solving.

To tell you the truth, a well-rounded blog diet is so far - overrated. I'll give it another few days.