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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

War Support

Washington Post-ABC News conducted a telephone poll April 2 - 6 among 1,030 randomly selected adults nationwide. This was the question they were asked:

Q: Do you support or oppose the United States having gone to war with Iraq?

A: Among All Americans
Support 77%
Oppose 16%
No opinion 7%

If you want to see the full breakdown, here is the link.

It is interesting to note that although polls showed a majority in support before the war, it was nowhere near 77%.

Here are some age group breakdowns of support:
45-54 year olds 87%
35-44 year olds 77%
18-34 year olds 76%
65 year olds + 72%
55-64 year olds 71%

See Andrew Sullivan for his read on this.