Keep Trying

Monday, April 07, 2003

We're all Warbloggers Now

I recently inquired about a fellow blogger's hatred of President Bush and he corrected me saying it was not hatred, but contempt. It then struck me that contempt is what characterizes political blogging. Political bloggers have varying levels of contempt towards those who hold a different opinion. And a hard look at blogs on all sides of the spectrum reveals that we are pretty much equal when it comes to this quality.

But on the bright side, it is quite evident that people have no contempt for those on the same side, even when they disagree. So I am hereby drafting any politically active blogger into the anti-idiotarian-warblogger brigade. Please welcome Doc, David and a long list of really fine people to the club. Can't you feel the lessening of contempt already. I knew this was a good idea.