Keep Trying

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Blogging the 7 Habits

It's time to revisit the 7 Habits. Internalizing valuable ideas, requires constant review. Today I'll recap what I wrote previously about the 7 habits for blog writers. In the next few weeks I'll start looking at the 7 Habits for blog readers and point out some problems with the 7 habits.

7 Habits for Highly Effective Blog Writers:

Habit 1 - Be Proactive
> Take control of your blogging and lessen your dependency on blogrolls and incoming links. Focus on what you want to say and your outward linking.

Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind
> Know why you are living and why you are blogging.

Habit 3 - Put First Things First
> Make sure your living and your blogging is helping you accomplish your life goals.

Habit 4 - Think Win / Win
> Express your opinion, while respecting the opinions of those with whom you disagree. Reduce contempt and increase positive communication.

Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood
> Make a concerted effort to understand other people's paradigms in order to effectively blog your opinions and objections.

Habit 6 - Synergize
> Value the emotional, mental and psychological differences in people. Go beyond your opinions and paradigms and enrich your life through the thoughts and emotions of others.

Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw in the physical, mental, social/emotional and spiritual plane.
> Use blogging to refresh and rejuvenate the mental and social/emotional planes.

Have a great weekend.