Keep Trying

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Broadcasting and Blogging

Dawn Olsen offers some of her insights on blogging:

A blog isn't your friend, it isn't your life, and it most certainly shouldn't be the only thing you ever do - it may inspire and spark creativity - but it can also be a destructive illusion - a reality that feeds the worst part of you if you are desperate for it to give something back. All you can really hope for out of a blog is a release, and perhaps to make a connection with another person. If you make only one, that is one more than you had before.

I think the make-a-connection part of blogging is very important and thank G-d I have had the opportunity to meet and build friendships with some wonderful people. However most of the connections are made in the emails and comments that follow the blog entry. The broadcast nature of the blog can only advertise the connection possibilities. The connection itself is made in the follow ups. It is similiar to Marketing - the broadcast advertises the possibility of a business relationship and the subsequent contacts close the deal.

Is it true that at its heart blogging is basically broadcasting, with linking being a form of cross promotion? Is that why some marketers are crazy about it? Maybe that is what's behind Google's fascination - a blog is just another media outlet on which we will some day be able to place a nice unobtrusive text ad.

Just some thinking (broadcasting) out loud.