Keep Trying

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Great Expectations

From Dave Winer's weblog:

Well the fatal flaw in yesterday's killer app is Google's limit of 1000 queries per day. Now all the sample queries display Google's error message. 1000 queries per day is nothing. If there are any busdev people I need to talk with at Google, I guess now's the time to do that. Unfortunately I don't have any money to pay them for this, but I'm afraid that's what they're going to want to talk about.

Disclaimer: I've been trying to work on weblog-tool compatibility issues with Google for the last few weeks. I've noticed that it colors how I think about them, not in a positive way, and felt I should disclose that, since I write about them here on Scripting News.


I'm trying to figure out why I am in a little funk about blogging and Google. I really do love them both. It's probably is just a matter of lowering expectations, but most probably it's something I ate. Hey - I'm starting to feel a little better already.