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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Long Live Andrew Orlowski

From a recent column by Andrew Orlowski:

Sick of blog noise polluting the Google search results? We didn't realize how popular this idea would be. Evidently, the quality of information is dear to the hearts of many readers.

It's also dear to the hearts of Google engineers, who privately acknowledge the problem.

Blogs aren't the only problem Google faces on the issue. People who publish lists are also a nuisance. And, to some extent, the two groups overlap. But the most popular reaction to our suggestion that Google implement a -noblog flag - in other words, that it return search results without trackbacks, mindless links and other noise - is that it should be turned on by default.

Even webloggers think that a Google Blog tab would benefit both the bloggers and the rest of us - the 99.97 per cent of us who don't blog, and who are selective with our reading.

Michael Hall greeted the suggestion with "supreme happiness".

"Bloggers are a tiny minority of the population, but they've created an echo chamber that gives inappropriate weight to their choices. They're proud of this, and they brag about their capacity to game Google with Googlebombs and other search-skewing play. Some intentionally, some not, they've subverted a search engine people liked because it was meritocratic about information, and made it about themselves and their narcissism. "

Blogs are interesting on the day they are written. They have a very short shelf life, and are more a source of entertainment than information and knowledge. You could probably capture on one page all the useful information you have gotten from blogs this year. Most of the time I don't want blog results in my Google search, so I think that the -noblog flag makes sense.

In other blogging news, you owe it to yourself to read the Simple Guide to the A-List Bloggers. Good stuff and the anonymous author has picked up on the all the Orlowski bashing:

Doc Searls
The powers of Big Media have been forever broken!! Power to the People. Linux rules! Linux makes a great hamburger topping. Printwash, Searlsowash, but NOT Googlewash, no no. Andrew-Orlowski-is-the-Devil-Wash, Ireallyhavenoearthlyideawhatiamtalkingaboutbutiblogonwash, Chill, Peace, Everything should be free man.

David Weinberger
Touchy-feely Leftist shrill rant. Bleeding-heart Leftist shrill rant. Capitalism is evil. Commons is good. Neo-Communism rules. Leftist shrill rant. Good and Evil do not exist, but Andrew Orlowski is the Devil.

Anil Dash
Andrew Orlowski is exactly what is wrong with the world. Avoid trolls, or anyone who disagrees with me, same thing. Pretentious New York City life random observations.