Keep Trying

Friday, July 25, 2003

7 Products of Effective Microsoft Developers

The jury is in and Robert Scoble has quickly jumped to the top of the pack as the leading evangelical blogger. His positive tone is refreshing.

It doesn't take a genuis to discover that bloggers essentially have a negative orientation. I want to be more positive, like Scoble - but it's hard. But I will keep trying with the "7 Products of Effective Microsoft Developers":

1) SQL Server - Easy to administer, powerful enough, reliable.
2) Access - Great for quick and dirty development.
3) Word - Is there a second choice?
4) Excel - A great blend of ease of use and amazing functionality.
5) Powerpoint - It has become the fave of the Bat Mitzvah crowd in my neighborhood.
6) Outlook - Good for the basics.
7) Hearts - It's good to be able to consistently beat a game. Maybe some Microsofties would like to get together for a little stock option poker.

And of course I am hoping that Microsoft will be improving all of them in Longhorn. (Except for Hearts)