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Friday, August 08, 2003

Linking and Kindness

As part of the observance of Tisha B'Av, over 50,000 thousand people around the world watched a video sponsored by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation titled "Shaping a World of Kindness".

One of the primary messages of the video was that we need to continue to be deeply involved with communal charities and performing small acts of kindness with our friends, neighbors and fellow earthlinks. But beyond that - we need to strive to develop a love of doing kindness - constantly looking to do things for others - to be more and more selfless.

Along those same lines, in this interview, David Weinberger makes the following observation about linking and spirituality:
Every link is a small act of generosity, of selflessness. And that's what I understand human spirituality to be about, at least to a large degree.

So in the spirit of linking and kindness - I want to thank the following people for some recent links:

Joe Katzman who's Winds of Change blog is appropriately subtitled: Liberty. Discovery. Humanity. Victory.

Doc Searls who is the kindest A-List blogger out there.

A 30-something stay-at-home mama and community organizer who has a great story of unity from a Tisha B'Av past.

Steven I. Weiss at Protocols, whose blogging subtitle says it all: "A group of Jews endeavors towards total domination of the blogosphere".

Meryl Yourish: whom in this post on Rage actually called me a wise man.

I hope the "generosity of links" does not imply a traffic component because at this point of my blogging comeback I can't promise much.