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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The Politics of Inclusion

Doc has some great observations on the current effectiveness of the Dean campaign. I have always admired Doc's sincere attempts to be inclusive in his politics - and I think he is getting even better at airing and understanding other viewpoints. I hope David Weinberger adopts this inclusive Cluetrain principle in his Dean campaign advice and moves away from the "contempt of other opinions" that currently characterizes most political writing.

Doc points to this excellent post by American Digest titled When You're A Blog Every Blogging Pol Looks Like a Winner:

Presidents have to map to their times and we are not in a Mondale Moment in this country. Dean supporters, since they are heavily left-populace-grassroots-green, are caught in the delusion that drives the Left -- the delusion of a world that would be at peace if only the United States would stop trying to protect itself. Bush is betting dollars to donuts that the vast majority does not share this view. And speaking of donuts, has anyone pointed out that $7 million is chump change when you are running for President. The current ante is up in the hundreds of millions as I recall.

But hope dies hard, and when a man shows up that not only says things that make the left feel good about itself, but uses the tools of the cyberlibertarian realm in a manner that seems effective, then it is understandable that those deeply embedded in the cyberculture and Blogworld start to perceive a luminosity around a candidate that is not visible to the vast unconnected, unwired, and unconcerned multitudes.

I tend to agree that this is a false-high for the Dean campaign, but my hope is that their attempt at inclusiveness will spill over to other parts of the political debate. Maybe we can eliminate some of the decisiveness and mean-spritedness that characterizes most political discussion on the Web.

Meanwhile Calpundit and Josh Marshall continue the political pissing match with the classic question "Do the Democrats Hate Bush more than the Republicans Hated Clinton".

Come on guys - now is the time for the Politics of Inclusion.