Keep Trying

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Tuesday's Blogging Entry

I had made up my mind to blog every Tuesday, and of course when the deadline came I had nothing to blog. So here some ideas from classical Jewish Philosophy on the purpose of creation.

1) G-d created the world because the essence of goodness is to give. G-d wants man to receive pleasure.

2) The greatest pleasure a person can have is connecting with the infinite creator.

3) Pleasures that are earned are greater than unearned pleasure, so G-d wants us to earn our pleasure.

4) We earn that pleasure through increasing our perception of G-d.

5) One of the primary ways we increase our perception is by becoming "givers" instead of "takers".

6) Becoming a "giver" is a lifelong endeavor as it is impossible to totally eliminate our self-centered perspective.

7) The more we reduce our self-centric view, the more we will be able to help others and perceive G-d.

Just some ideas on a rainy Tuesday in New York. For more in depth discussion, Aish.Com is a great destination. A recent article entitled Dr. Laura, God Loves You is worth a read.