Keep Trying

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Microsoft Needs to Get Out More

John Stafford makes the following observation based on his East Coast Experience:

We (one of New England's major employers) are just deploying Windows XP to .3% of our machines. Our relationship appears to be focused on battling them about license costs every year. On the other hand, IBM is showing some jawdropping stuff and selling hard to key decision makers in government and industry. To acknowledge Mike's point: internal thick client development has ended, now and forever. IBM is destroying Microsoft in the trenches in this market (I see no interest in .NET for internal development).

I don't think that internal thick client has ended now and forever, just that it's in severe decline for information retrieval and database applications. Robert, is there any way you can convince your employer to establish a smart East Coast presence and here what the data-firsters are saying.