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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Microsoft's Revenue and Profits

Did you ever wonder where Microsofts $32,187,000 in Revenue came from? Check out their
Annual Report. If you are too busy, here is a brief synopsis :

Client - $10,286,000,000; Server and Tools - 6,519,000,000; Information Worker - 9,718,000,000; Microsoft Business Solutions - 577,000,000; MSN - 2,363,000,000; Mobile and Embedded Devices - 153,000,000; Home and Entertainment - 2,779,000,000; Reconciling Amounts - (208,000,000); Total Revenues - $32,187,000,000;

Here' s the income story:

Client - $8,281,000,000; Server and Tools - 1,848,000,000; Information Worker - 7,393,000,000; Microsoft Business Solutions - (308,000,000); MSN - (394,000,000); Mobile and Embedded Devices - (175,000,000); Home and Entertainment - (940,000,000); Reconciling Amounts - (2,488,000,000); Total Income - $13,217,000,000

And here are the relevant notes:

The Client segment includes revenue and operating expenses associated with Windows XP, Windows 2000, and other standard Windows operating systems.
Server and Tools segment consists of revenue and operating expenses associated with server software licenses and client access licenses (CALs) for Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and other servers. It also includes developer tools, training, certification, Microsoft Press, Premier product support services, and Microsoft consulting services.
Information Worker segment includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Visio, other information worker products, SharePoint Portal Server CALs, an allocation for CALs, and professional product support services.
Microsoft Business Solutions includes Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, and bCentral.
MSN includes MSN Subscription and MSN Network services.
Mobile and Embedded Devices includes Windows Mobile software, Windows Embedded device operating systems, MapPoint, and Windows Automotive.
Home and Entertainment includes the Xbox video game system, PC games, consumer software and hardware, and TV platform.
Reconciling amounts include adjustments to state revenue and operating income in accordance with U.S. GAAP and corporate level expenses not specifically attributed to a segment.

Hey Steve and Bill, get the crowbar out and give Robert and Joshua a raise.