Keep Trying

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Mixed Bag

Here are a bunch of links that are certainly worth 96 seconds.

Roberty Cringely says Microsoft's technical direction in .Net and (Longhorn) is driven by their insatiable need for more profit. By the way, I think Microsoft has an obligation to their shareholders to acheive higher profitability - as long as they do it without lying or cheating or breaking the law.

Meryl Yourish patiently answers an Egyptian's letter in which he/she politely asks why Israel should exist and other questions.

Phillip Brittan says that the evalution of return of investment from software projects should focus on Ease of Use & Administration over Ease of Initial Development.

Protocols points us to this story in which the Chief Rabbi of France urges French Jews to hide the fact that they are Jewish.

Microsoft's John Montgomery explains that .Net refers to a new model for working with Windows developers and a commitment to working with open standards to ensure interoperability between disparate computing systems. Oh, now it's clear.

Caroline Glick offers the hypothesis that Anti-Semitism plays an enormous role in the New Europe's attempt to force the US to adhere to its cultural dictates.

If you're in the mood to think, they're all worth a click.