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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Getting Upset Over Anger

Forbes ran an interesting article It's All the Rage:

So the anger-management researchers yearn to get pathological anger into the DSM, and not only for the prestige it would bestow on their work. Jerry L. Deffenbacher of Colorado State University makes the point that research funding tends to be based on established diagnostic categories; in their absence, the money vanishes. It is enough to make an anger specialist quite upset. According to Deffenbacher's estimates, somewhere between 2% and 6% of Americans would benefit from anger treatment, and the mental health bible is simply not acknowledging the problem.

Maybe the DSMers need to read some more blogs.

Do people really believe that rage and anger are not a problem? Are rage and anger compatible with love and/or peace? Have you ever tried communicating with an angry person?