Keep Trying

Monday, December 15, 2003

Lots of Talking - Little Listening

Doc Searls posted a good piece in which he strongly advises both parties to drop the hatred and negativity in their campaigning.

David Weinberger of the Dean Campaign uses the capture of Saddam as an opportunity to continue the hatred and bashing of Bush with unproven allegations.

It is so sad that after this election, neither party will be able to lay claim to being the party of listening and compassion.

Update: Doc blogged a response and said the following paragraph is based on strong opinions based on facts friendly to David's politics. Here are the sentences of the paragraph, there is not a fact in it:

Our president systematically lied to us in order to get us to go to war;

We were told we were in imminent danger when we were not.

We went in without a plan for getting out or realistic expectations about what we were letting ourselves in for.

We have sold the official looting rights to the administration's closest friends.

It all was a cynical distraction from the failure of our war on terrorism.

Our unilateralism sets a dangerous precedent and makes us less safe.

And we will not know even if the ends justifed the means for years when the ultimate fate of Iraq and the region is clearer.

There is not a fact in the entire paragraph, plenty of strong (and I still say hateful) opinions - but no facts.

A big Bronx Cheer to Doc for whitewashing left leaning hatred of President Bush and to David for continuing to promote comtempt, rage and hatred in the Dean campaign.