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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Reading Pleasures

Here are a few links for your reading pleasure:

Doc Searls feels that Dean Campaign advisor, David Weinberger's "statement of fact", that Bush systematically lied to the American people is not as hateful as calling those opposed to the war idiotarians. What is ironic is that Doc and David are two of the leading proponents of anti-idiotarianism, they would just call it anti-cluelessness. I agree that there is nothing hateful in that.

Congratulations to blog technology leader Dave Winer on the new team at Userland. Were there any recent entries about funding at Userland that I missed? Viva la competition - does that mean that Ev will finally fix Blogger links? Dave notes in an email that he works at Harvard not at Userland - correction noted.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Howard Dean's numerous foreign policy gaffes and his appointment of Anthony Lake, national security adviser in the Clinton White House.

One of Howard Dean's blogs has his recent foreign policy address. It is a solid speech in which he talks strongly about the need to fight terror. Daniel Drezner, Jeff Jarvis, Kevin Holtsberry and Ed Moltzen are slightly less charitable.

Timothy Noah of Slate awards Howard Dean a Whopper award for his mishandling of his statement that Bush had previous knowledge of 9/11 from the Saudis. Does that make him a systematic liar :-)

An older comment where I asked David Weinberger to turn down the rage and hatred against the current administration, so that his message can be heard. He replied "It's contempt, not hatred. And rage is appropriate when your leader starts an unjustified war." Note to Doc and David - where there is rage and contempt, hatred is not far behind. And rage and contempt are the quickest ways to end a conversation.