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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Time Magazine Blames Bloggers for Rise Of Anger and the Polarization of America

Well maybe that isn't exactly true, but they did recently public this article:

The Rise of the Anger Industry

Why is America so polarized? Partisan punditry is a good place to start.
What do these political voices have in common? They're not political�not in the "vote for my side and we'll do X, Y and Z for you" sense anyway. They don't emphasize the substantive matters that define one as liberal or conservative�tax policy or affirmative action or abortion. If you are reading or tuning in, your convictions are a given. What you want, apparently, is to be told�at Wagnerian volume and in Proustian detail�what a bunch of S.O.B.s the other guys are.

And if blogging isn't the citadel of partisan pundity, then I don't know what is.

(Editted - partisan politics piece removed.)

How can we as bloggers stop contributing to this hate filled world? I'm all ears.