Keep Trying

Friday, December 12, 2003

Wise and Otherwise

Some quick links for the weekend:

John Edwards says regarding the Democratic party "If all we are in 2004 is a party of anger, we can't win". Is the anger a part of Dean's Internet strategy?

Robert Novack on the propriety of Howard Dean giving credence to the conspiracy theory that Bush was warned by the Saudis before the 9/11 attack.

David Brooks on Howard Dean's blog-like policy of saying whatever he feels like and the resulting incoherent and contradictory platform that leads to over time.

Jay Rosen explains the radically different nature of the Dean campaign with the implication that issues may not matter.

Forbes reports that the UN wants some control of the Internet. Where are all the UN uber-alles voices on this one?

Russell Beattie on Apple's simple and terrific IPOD interface and why he cringes at the thought of Microsoft's "GUI improvements" in Longhorn.

Tim Bray meets up with Adam Bosworth and Sam Ruby and continues to strengthen his argument, the the "Web's the Place". Adam can not contain his excitment about the the wonders of server based deployment

Real Clear Politics links to important opinion pieces on politics, policy, and world affairs.