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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Downsliding Dean

E. J. Dionne Jr quotes Stanley Greenberg:

In an interview, Greenberg posed these questions about Dean: "Can he speak of faith, can he speak of God, can he speak of the culture of rural and working-class America in a way that is natural? Does he transcend the culture of the secular information world that he's part of and speak in a way that people outside that world can see as accessible?"

It's interesting that the candidate of the blog, the candidate of the Internet, can't find an authentic voice that people trust. That's because the voice of anger is not the voice of trust - even the clueful are sometimes clueless.

Jeff Jarvis asks

I've been meaning to ask: What are the magic numbers for Iowa and New Hampshire -- the numbers below which Dean's showing is "disappointing" and above which the others' are "impressive"? The magic number is picked out of thin air or pundit's butts, of course, but it matters.

This poll shows Dean at 35%, Clark at 26% and Kerry at 13%. So I would put the magic number at 30%. If Dean does worse than that, I would conjecture that his early support was just low lying fruit and his candidacy will not cross the chasm to the nomination.

I thought that this NY Times article was a little unfair to Dr Dean and his wife Judith, but this paragraph caught my attention:

Dr. Dean has spent, on average, just four nights a month here in Burlington, for nearly a year. Though Dr. Steinberg and their children are Jewish, he campaigned through Yom Kippur, and recited the Rosh Hashanah blessings via cellphone.

I am very curious as to which Rosh Hashana blessings Dr. Dean recited. Some possibilities are here, here and here.