Keep Trying

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Nothing But Net

Richard Bennet has a great post pointing out why the overhyped Dean campaign is failing:

A telling fact in all this was Dean and Trippi's failure to believe their own campaign rhetoric. They said the campaign was energizing new voters and bringing in new volunteers to work the campaign, but they obviously didn't provide them with the kind of training and direction that's appropriate for political neophytes. So when the volunteers said they had 40,000 committed votes in Iowa, based on whatever tea leaves the kids were reading or smoking, Dean believed them, didn't probe, didn't question, and when the late polls came in and said "nope, don't think so", he melted down. And when this happened twice, he freaked out and jumped in bed with the first Washington Telco lobbyist he found.

He also points out a question on many peoples minds: How did the Dean Campaign blow their $40 million dollar war chest so fast. I remember David Weinberger recently blogging that Dean had a significant financial advantage over other candidates. What happened?