Keep Trying

Friday, January 16, 2004

See You Soon

Under the possibly mistaken assumption that anybody cares, I will be on vacation with my wife and our gang of four (aka "the kids") next week.

Glenn Reynolds posted the following:

HOWARD KURTZ: "Why, after a year of more or less being dismissed by the media, is John Edwards getting such good press?"

The answer: Anger is out, and "nice is in."

That's good news. And anybody who has ever emailed with Glenn knows that he is personally one of the nicest big-time-bloggers-in-the-business.

A must read by Victor Hanson: Our Primordial - World Pride and Envy are what make this war go 'round:

Where Americans see skill and subtlety in taking out Saddam Hussein and a costly effort to liberate a people, many Iraqis, even as they taste freedom, drive new cars, and see things improve, talk instead of humiliation, hurt pride, or anger at their own impotence

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Charles Johnson for having the courage to take all the heat that he does in his good fight against global terrorism.