Keep Trying

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Stop the War

Andrew Sullivan has suggested that it might be healthy for Americans to hate-it-out in the next election.

John Perry Barlow suggested that civility without anger is the way to go.

Richard Bennet suggests that the tone is a side point and the issues are what counts.

Jeff Jarvis admits to being undecided, but is turned off by Howard Dean's anger.

Dan Gillmour says we need to disagree without being disagreeable.

I think that most of the political machinery have decided long ago that elections can not be won by intellectual arguments - most people vote with their heart, not their head. So the more they can enlarge and mobilize the angry mob, the better chance of victory. The unfortunate consequence is that fellow citizens with so much to gain from each other become opponents instead of allies. Almost everyone in the blogoshere has fallen victim to this. I think we need to halt the anger war and start the healing now, regardless of our political positioning.