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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Sullivan Endorses Dean

Andrew Sullivan thinks that Howard Dean is the right choice for the Democrats.

I don't think Dean will go all fuzzy on us this summer, if he's the candidate. I think his hatred of Bush will shine through, and give a voice to millions of people who feel the same way.
Dean represents an opportunity for honesty, for relief, for a true cultural clash. At this point, in this divided nation, I think it's riskier to avoid that clash than to give it an opportunity to be explored and democratically decided.
Nasty will serve him well. Either the Dems nose-dive under his leadership and then reinvent themselves under Hillary; or they revive themselves as a party of the uncompromising left under his leadership.

I am not a big fan of anger and hatred, so I am uncomfortable with Sullivan's sentiments. A hatred-based fight is not the way to heal this country's divide. I think Sullivan needs to listen to some Barlow.

Morning comes, she follows the path to the river shore.
Lightly sung, her song is the latch on the morning's door .
See the sun sparkle in the reeds,
Silver beads, passing to the sea