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Friday, February 27, 2004

The Jewish Passion

The Jewish Passion is the must read resource for the traditional Jewish view on the Messiah and The Passion.

For thousands of years the Jewish people has held to the promise of a better world.

A time when all mankind will know, love and serve God.

A world of peace, justice, and goodness.

It will be a time when the Holy Temple will be rebuilt, when Jews will return to the land of Israel, when Israel will be secure within its borders and war will be no more.

He is known in our scriptures as HaMoshiach:-- the annointed one, the Messiah. Leading our people at that time will be one man, our king, chosen by God.

He is known in our scriptures as HaMoshiach -- the annointed one, the Messiah.

Who is the Messiah? What do the Jewish scriptures teach about him? How will we know who he is?

The Jewish people have been scorned, exiled and persecuted in the name of other messiahs. What about other messianic claims? Do they fulfill the expectations?

We will look at some of the answers throughout this site. It is our hope that what you find here will help inspire and give understanding to the JEWISH PASSION FOR GOD.

Also, check out this link by Gavriel Aryeh Sanders (no relation) on Answering The Passion with passion:

So what's a Jew to do? I believe the film is a wake up call to the Jewish community. But not about anti-Semitism in its classical form. It's about an assault on our spiritual and communal existence. The film affords us an enormous opportunity, as well, to deepen ourselves, our convictions, our knowledge, and indeed, our own outreach.