Keep Trying

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Predictions for 2004

I know it's already February but I needed to splurt up at least on blog entry for the week and I haven't made predictions yet, so here they are:

1) George Bush will win re-election and will garner 53% of the popular vote.

2) Atom will replace RSS as the feed format of choice.

3) There will be many positive signs of Emergent Democracy in the Middle East.

4) Microsoft will realize that their current software strategy is headed for disaster and will make some significant moves.

5) The passing of Arafat will signal a change away from the Palestinian's current embrace of terrorism.

6) Blogging will continue to diverge into the Broadcast-Blogging of the heavy hitters and the CB-Blogging of the rest.

Some of them may be more prayers than predictions.