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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Lazer Beam

I recently discovered the wisdom of Rabbi Lazer Brody who is a true lover of humanity. Rabbi Brody lives in Ashdod the site of the suicide bombing last week. After the bombing last week he contrasted the path of his spiritual leader and that of Hamas:

Funny, how two opposites each claim to be representing truth. When I graduated rabbinical seminary, my Rosh Yeshiva (comparable to the Dean of a university) Rabbi Noah Weinberg told me, "Lazer, the more you use your talents to help mankind, the more you'll be spreading the light of G-d in the world". Look at the Kafkaesque juxtaposition: Sheik Ahmed Yassin tells his suicide troops in Gaza, "The more you kill Jews, the more you'll be spreading the true religion in the world". Will Hashem's real representative please stand up.

Rabbi Brody was formerly Sergeant Major Lazer Brody, IDF Special Forces, a combat veteran of two wars and dozens of commando missions. Today he dedicates his life to helping other people one by one on a constant basis. In his post today, Rabbi Brody tells us:

Torah and Tshuva both saves lives and destroys enemies. You can only chase away darkness with light, not with bullets.

Listen to Lazer, dear readers: Right or left, territories or no territories, Likud or Labor, Hamas or no Hamas - it's all garbage and a waste of time. There won't be peace in the Middle East until the Jews return to Hashem and His Torah. The sooner the better.

Self defense is a part of Torah and Rabbi Brody is not advocating that Israel stop defending itself. His message is that on a personal level we should spend more time working on becoming better people. Maybe we should add a few more spiritual blogs to our diet - and a good place to start is by adding the Light of the Lazer to your blogroll.