Keep Trying

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Mazel Tov to Tim Bray

Mazel Tov to Tim Bray on his recent move to Sun. Tim is one of the leading lights in software development and Sun is advancing the state of corporate application development with continuing Java development. So even if you are not technically oriented, you can consider this a good thing.

In other Bray News, Tim has agreed to co-chair the Atom IETF (pending approval). Atom is the up and coming replacement for RSS. When Atom is rolled out, many businesses and consumers will be able to utilize the net in more productive ways.

BTW - I think RSS is great and I am greatful to Dave Winer for all the pioneering work he has done for RSS and for blogging. Dave recently offered to merge RSS and Atom which was a very noble gesture. But Atom will move on with or without a merger with RSS.

Meanwhile I continue to advise all clients and potential clients to avoid Microsoft .Net (except for SQL Server) unless Microsoft reveals a more sensible upgrade path in Longhorn. For now it looks like Microsoft will once again legacize existing applications and try to reverse the gains businesses have made by going to browser based applications. Mr Scoble can you hear the grumbling of former Microsoft fans - didn't think so.