Keep Trying

Monday, March 15, 2004

Nights of Joy

I have the good fortune to be attending 4 weddings this week amidst a stretch of 8 weddings in 6 weeks. They will all be fantastic affairs with plenty of food, drink, music and dancing. Although there is a reasonable amount of money being spent, I recently attended a lecture which gave some perspective to the purpose of big weddings. A wedding is the must joyful possible day for the bride, groom and their families. When a person has joy they want to share it with others. Imagine winning a $10 million dollar lottery and not being able to call anybody to share your joy. However if you did reach a friend to report your good fortune, but they were not in a good mood, it would be hard for them to truly share your joy.

So on this most joyous of days, we gather all our friends and relatives and provide them with much food, drink, song and dance - putting them in the most joyful mood that physical pleasure can provide. Our goal is to increase the level of joy to the highest degree possible on this most wonderful of days for the bride and groom. Mazel Tov and may we all be fortunate to share many simchas (joyous events) together.