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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Using GPS to Find G-d

Forbes is one of the last hardcopy periodicals I get. My family likes to read it, I like their often-contrarian view point and paper is truly a go almost-anywhere technology. The Forbes website is a little sluggish and it is curious that they have no easy navigation to their columnists.

In this weeks issue, Rich Karlgaard made these observations on GPS as a proof of G-d's omnipotence.

Global positioning satellites are so cool they reinforce one's belief in G-d. If one chip can conference with three satellites that are orbiting the Earth to tell you where--within 18 inches--your teenage daughter is and how fast her boyfriend is coming on to her--within a tenth of a foot per hour--then all this stuff about sparrows falling out of trees and G-d in heaven being aware of it is probably true. Certainly it's technically possible. My idea of a killer franchise is a drive-through that staple-guns GPS chips into your toddlers, teenagers, aging parents, household pets and car keys.

In my community, we don't have the teenage daugher/boyfriend situation, but I liked Rich's application of technology to matters of the soul.