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Friday, April 02, 2004

Understanding Freedom

Another name for Passover is the Time/Holiday of Freedom. We celebrate our freedom from the slavery of Egypt but the deeper meaning is celebrating the freedom from a self-centered existence to an other-centered existence. Our lives are much richer when we spend more time relating to the Master of the Universe and to other people.

Aish Hatorah is the leading site on the Internet with coverage of Passover. Check it out for insights, laws, thoughts & themes, family activities and a cookbook. Thank G-d for Aish!

One of the leading teachers of Jewish Thought, Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller has a great article on how Passover cleaning can liberate us from our most dangerous enemy -- our fragile egos.

How can a vigorous pursuit of crumbs purge the ego? The answer requires a spiritual perspective on the Exodus. The enslavement and liberation of our ancestors is the spiritual prototype of all exiles and redemptions, not only of the Jewish people collectively, but also of each individual.

Daily, we are all engaged in the struggle for redemption. We all have conflicts within us. We do battle with pettiness, negativity, desire, and selfishness that hold us back from becoming who we can be. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzraim, the root of which means "narrow." Whatever narrows us, that is, makes us punier spiritually and emotionally, is our personal Mitzraim.

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Chag Kosher V'Sameach - Have a happy and kosher Passover celebration.