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Friday, May 28, 2004

Comments on Comments

Michael Totten is policing comments:

Today Robert McClelland wrote in my comments “Writing ‘F*** Jews’ is not anti-semitic” and then later said Jews who get offended by swastikas (in Berkeley) are “whining” about liberals. (!) (Earth to Robert: Liberals do not brandish swastikas.)

This is the sort of self-evidently idiotic nonsense I’m talking about. It drives reasonable people out of the comments and makes intelligent discussion impossible. No more. Act like that and you’re out with no warning on the grounds of abject stupidity alone. I’m going to hose down the walls if I have to.

Meryl Yourish has declared her comments A No-Israel-bashing Zone:

This weblog is a No Israel-bashing Zone. I simply won't have it here. I read negative articles about Israel in all the world's media. I see negative news reports on Israel on nearly every television channel. I hear Israel-bashing news on radio stations. I read Israel-bashing articles all over the web. And I have seen comment thread after comment thread devolve from a discussion on Israel or anti-Semitism into neo-Nazis throwing around the same tired anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks. So, no. I won't have it here.

I have had exactly one successful comment thread since I turned on comments and I am going to quit a winner. Comments are now off, but you can still email me if you want.