Keep Trying

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Covey on Blogging

One of Covey's most popular ideas is that of analyzing your activities along the axises of importance and urgency. This yields four quadrants:

1) Urgent and Important (Crises, Pressing Problems, Deadline Driven Projects)
2) Not Urgent and Important (Prevention, Relationship Building, Planning, Recognizing New Opportunities)
3) Urgent and Not Important (Interruptions, Some Mail, Some Calls, Some Meetings, Popular Activities)
4) Not Urgent and Not Important (Trivia, Busy Work, Time Wasters)

Covey says that Quadrant 2 is where we should spend more of our time and we should greatly reduce the time spent in Quadrant's 3 and 4.

In terms of blogging, the trick is to set your goals and accurately assess where your blogging activity fits in. You will probably discover that you are spending a little too much time in the blogosphere. The real danger is that blogging becomes a black-hole quadrant 4 activity and you spend months or years before realizing that you have wasted so much of your most precious commodity - time.

Ok - enough wasting of your time and mine. Please hit the back button or close the window and get on with your life. This has been a public service announcement.