Keep Trying

Friday, May 21, 2004

Ich Bin Gornish

A story is told about the famous learning citadel of Nevardok in pre-Holocaust Europe. Nevardok was famous for its character development program which focused on diminishing ego-centricity. One day a new student comes in and sees another student in the corner repeating "Ich Bin Gornish", "Ich Bin Gornish" which means "I am nothing". So the new student figures he will get with the program and starts to repeat "Ich Bin Gornish", "Ich Bin Gornish". The first student comes over in a huff and says to the new student, who do you think you are just coming in and already saying "Ich Bin Gornish".

That is the problem with blogging, once in a while you write something that gets linked or praised and you have to work on diminishing the ego rush, because the best way to relate to others is by trying to quiet the loud voice of "me" in your head.

Nowadays few people practice the "Ich Bin Gornish" format of character development. The more prominent ideas are those from the school of Slabodka which focuses on the potential Greatness of Man. But after an Instalanche, it might make sense to say "Ich Bin Gornish" once or twice.