Keep Trying

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Revisting Iraq

Barry Rubin of the JPost has an interesting article about the limits of US Influence in the Middle East. Rubin posits that American can not achieve it's democratization goals. His recommendation:

WHAT THEN can the US do in Iraq? The basic answer is: Turn over power during the next 12 months and leave. Aside from maintaining close relations with the Kurds, to ensure their area stays relatively stable and democratic, and giving aid as an incentive to any moderate forces to be friendly, that will about mark the limit of its influence.

Rubin's analysis is pretty astute and worth a read. Although most/many/some people would agree that democratization is healthy for the Middle East and the world, the US might be powerless to effect it on it's timetable. In that case a pullout is something that should be considered. I think we still need Bush in the White House because he will be best equipped to handle any future terrorist wars. Bush has shown that he can win a war, he hasn't yet proven that he can win the peace. Kerry does not seem well equipped for either task.