Keep Trying

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Save The Blogroll

Did anybody notice that the Blogroll is dying. Even Doc Searls, the coiner of the term and a long time Blogroll advocate admits that he doesn't rely on it that much anymore. Doc had once declared that a blog without a blogroll may not even be a blog.

And the most influential of all blogrolls, that of Glenn Reynolds, has been pushed at least six screenloads down on the Instapundit page. I wonder if any of those on his 'roll have seen a decrease in the traffic since he demoted it.

And now comes the redesign of Blogger, and most of the templates I looked at don't even have a space reserved for the blogroll. So what gives?

I still think it's a great feeling when somebody adds you to their blogroll. So keep on giving the link that lasts, why not update your blogroll today.

Update: Thanks to Glenn for the Instapundit link. The increase in traffic from a popular blog is one of blogging's simple pleasures.