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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Inspiration and Disappointment

A typical blogging cycle is:
1) Much excitement, blogging, linking and emailing
2) Diminished enthusiasm
3) Disillusionment with blogging, often accompanied by a blogging break

Why does the pattern occur so often in the blogging world leading to the abandonment of tens of thousands of blogs. R' Akiva Tatz gives us some insight:

The natural pathway of all life experiences begins with inspiration and soon fades to disappointment.
Human consciousness and human senses are tuned to an initial burst of sensitivity and then rapidly decay into dullness. Sights, sounds, smells, even tactile stimuli are felt sharply at first and then hardly at all--a constant sound is not registered; one suddenly becomes aware that it was present when it stops! We are incapable of maintaining the freshness of any experience naturally.

R' Tatz continues:

The pathway is clear--a person is born with a lifetime of work ahead, spiritual wisdom and growth are hard-earned. But the inspiration is within; you were once there! And that inner sense of inspiration provides the motivation, the source of optimism and confidence that genuine achievement is possible, even assured, if the necessary effort is made.

So it is with blogging. After the bursts of inspiration and excitement, disillusionment often follows. If you want to avoid blogger burnout, it might be helpful to remember the first 3 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers.

1) Be Proactive - Determine that you will take control of your blogging.
2) Keep the End in Mind - Know why you blog. Do you want to earn, entertain, inform, persuade, become a better person?
3) First things First - Blog consistently towards your goals.

One last note - the greatest detriment to healthy blogging is anger. Work on eliminating anger and you will see your entire life and your blogging improve.

Today's Blogging Minute has been brought to you by Mike Sanders.