Keep Trying

Friday, June 04, 2004

Modest Mall

I went to the mall with my teenage daughters last week. Since their clothes are very modest, it is hard for them to find stuff. It was heartening to read this article: More girls push for modest fashion. Maybe next time there will be more than three articles of clothing that they can actually buy.

While at the mall, I ran into one of my closest childhood friends. We haven't seen each other in about 15 years, our lives taking different path. We hugged and shmoozed for about 20 minutes. Later, I asked my wife if she thinks I should get together with him and go to a Met game or something. She said it sounds good, but she warned me not to mention G-d, as that turns many people off.

On the other hand, appreciation is one of the key components of happiness. And when we get down to it, much of that appreciation is appropriately directed towards our Creator. So "Thank G-d" is an important part of a spiritually oriented person's lexicon. So please don't turn off when I say:

Thank G-d for the NY springtime morning weather.
Thank G-d that I was able to go for a run.
Thank G-d for the good hearted people at Spirit of America.