Keep Trying

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Being Positive

R' Zelig Pliskin is one of the foremost authorities on striving for happiness. In his book titled, Happiness, he says that the three most important factors in attaining happiness are:

1) Being appreciative
2) Looking at people and situations in a positive light
3) Acting Joyously

I was recently listening to a tape by R' Tzipporah Heller in which she cited three areas to work on for eliminating blockages to personal growth:

1) Not speaking negatively about other people
2) Eliminating anger
3) Looking at people and situations in a positive light

It is clear that looking at thing in a positive light can really make our lives better. Yet we find it so difficult. In fact the vast majority of news and blogging is critical and negative. Why are we so focused on the negative? What are the tools and techniques to be more positive? And in the situations where criticism would be helpful, how do we go about it?

If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know.