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Friday, August 13, 2004

Blogging is a Many Splendored Thing

Doc Searls points to some interesting views about blogging on the Radiant Marketing blog.

In part 1:
Seth Godin thinks blogs will tip soon. Rick Bruner thinks blogs won't be mass market but they will be (or already are) influential. John Jantsch says blogs offer the experience, the community, the interaction, that people thought they would get from the Internet. Debbie Weil predicts that most successful Web sites will be built around a blog.

In part 2:
Doc Searls says blogging is the personal practice of journalism in the literal sense of that word. Chris Locke says blogs are a place where people can express themselves as human beings. David Weinberger says most people won't blog, but that blogs will become truly popular as a way to write about particular events and projects.

I think all of these statements have some validity, but not necessarily the same degree. It is sort of like the possible views on life: Life is for fun. Life is for influencing change. Life is for amassing possesions. Life is for ego-satisfaction. Life is for helping people. Life is for building relationships. Life is for discovering and fulfilling purpose. Life is for contributing to the grand scheme. Life is for developing a closer relationship with G-d.

How do you see blogging? How do you see life? How does your view of life influence your view of blogging?

Have a great weekend!